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Introduction and advantages of Pleated Bag Cartridge

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Introduction and advantages of Pleated Bag Cartridge

LIFEIERTE  CLICK: 0   2022-12-13

The pleated filter cartridge developed by Lefilter is composed of two end caps, internal support frame, filter material, band, seal, and other auxiliary parts.

Compared with traditional filter bags, pleated filter cartridges have obvious advantages such as large filtration area, small space and high filtration efficiency.


1. Advantages of disassembly and assembly: short and few filter elements, easy installation (top loading), easy maintenance and replacement

2. The filtering area is increased by 2-5 times, and the filtering wind speed is greatly reduced

3. The cleaning cycle/cleaning strength is significantly reduced, extending the service 

Most importantly, the installation usually does not require modification of the existing dust removal equipment, which can meet the environmental protection policy of ultra-low emission, and save energy for enterprises without the need for enterprises to bear high project rectification costs.

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