New air conditioning washable synthetic fiber industrial dus

New air conditioning washable synthetic fiber industrial dus

  • SUMMARY: New air conditioning washable synthetic fiber industrial dust bag filter F9 medium effect fit air filter ...

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Medium efficiency glass fiber bag filter product introduction:

Medium-efficiency glass fiber bag filter is mainly used for central air conditioning and centralized air supply system. It can be used in the primary filtration of air-conditioning systems to protect the next-stage filters and the system itself. In places where the cleanliness of air purification is not strict, the air processed by the medium-efficiency air filter can be sent directly to the user. Medium-efficiency air filters are widely used in industrial purification of central air conditioning ventilation systems, pharmaceuticals, hospitals, electronics, food and other industries. Such filters can also be used as front-end filters for high-efficiency air filters to reduce the load of high-efficiency air filters. Extend its service life.

Medium efficiency glass fiber bag filter features:
1. Filter efficiency grades F5-F8 are available
2. The filter material is made of very fine special glass fiber, reinforced with non-woven fabric, low resistance and high dust collection efficiency
3. Fire rating: UL-900 Class2
4. Can bring galvanized frame, aluminum alloy frame or stainless steel frame
5. Can replace the bag filter, reducing the cost of the cost;
6. Function: to collect 1-5um dust particles; filter material: filter paper.

Technical parameters of medium efficiency glass fiber bag filter:

Outer frame: aluminum alloy
Filter material: ultrafine glass fiber
Sealant: polyurethane
Separator: hot melt adhesive
Protective net: steel net spray plastic, white
Efficiency: Laser particle counting MPPS efficiency 99.95%,
Filter level: F5-F9
Working temperature: less than or equal to 70 degrees Celsius

Application areas:

1. Medium efficiency filter in air conditioning system;
2. Air filters in industries such as electronics, pharmaceuticals, hospitals, cosmetics, semiconductor electronics, precision machinery, food, etc.;
3. Air-efficiency filtration of paint line.