Combined dust collector filter barrel

Combined dust collector filter barrel

  • SUMMARY: Product introduction: Xinxiang Lifelte Filter Co., LTD. Combined dust collector filter cylinder is made of a certain length of crisp filter material folded into pleated, the end and the end of the adhesive star filter cylinder. Filter cylinder without cage bone, installation of simple filter cylinder products......

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Product Details
  1. Environmental protection and energy saving running smoothly

  2. Handle large air volume strong dust removal

  3. The dust removal efficiency is more than 99.9%, fully in line with the regional emission standards

  4. Easy maintenance and replacement operation

  5. Customized quality assurance

  6. Solve the dust removal problem once

  7. More than 10 years of industry experience one-stop service

  8. Good faith big manufacturers have after-sales protection

Product introduction of combined dust collector cartridge:

Xinxiang Lifelte Filter Co., Ltd. produced combined dust collector filter cylinder is a star-shaped filter cylinder made of a certain length of crisp filter material folded into a fold, the end of the bond. There is no cage bone in the filter drum, and there are many varieties of simple filter drum installed, which are thin and long and thick and short. Long and thin filter cylinder (such as Φ≤160, L=1 ~ 2m), the pleats (such as 45 pleats) between the gap is large, the Angle is large, the pleats are less and shallow, the filter area is 2 ~ 5 times larger than the filter bag with the same diameter and length, the cleaning is easy and the effect is good; It is suitable for filtering dust removal with concentration ≥15g/m, and filtration wind speed is 0.6-1.2m /min. Coarse and short filter cylinder (such as Φ350, L=0.66m) large diameter, short length, pleats (120 ~ 350 pleats) and deep, pleats gap is small, filter area is large, compared with the same diameter with the same length filter bag area of 14 ~ 35 times, suitable for small site area, small space layout; However, due to the small fold Angle, dust is easy to accumulate, difficult to clean ash, suitable for concentration ≤5g/m dust filtration dust removal, filtration wind speed should not be >0.6m/min.

There are three ways to install the cylinder pulse precipitator: vertical, inclined and horizontal installation. The filter cylinder is installed vertically, and the dust is easy to settle to the ash hopper when the pulse is used. When inclined installation, the upper and lower filter cylinder overlap, compact structure, small area, easy to change the cylinder, but when cleaning, the dust of the upper filter cylinder settled on the lower filter cylinder, difficult to remove. Horizontal installation, the dust above the lower filter cylinder is more difficult to remove. Inclined cylinder dust collector is suitable for small and medium-sized dust removal system non-viscous, low concentration, coarse dust removal, but also suitable for the transformation of some old bag dust collector.

Combined type dust collector filter cylinder product features:

1, greatly improve the effective filtration area;

2, ensure a low and stable pressure difference, improve the flow of air;

3, the filter cylinder element is small, easy to install;

4. It is especially suitable for industries with high dust concentration.


Performance characteristics of combined dust collector cartridge:

Especially suitable for both fibrous and non-fibrous dust,

Especially suitable for coalescing dust,

Microfiber can filter fine dust particles on the surface of the filter material, thus extending the life of the filter cylinder.

Wide - spaced folding with hoop design facilitates removal of fibrous and coalescent dust particles.

For 1 micron size dust particles, the filtration efficiency can reach 99.999%.

It can be washed in water. The filter is suitable for applications with both fibrous and non-fibrous dust, easily coalesce dust, and applications in which washing of the filter is required. Examples include wood processing, grain handling, grinding of composite materials, metal polishing, and food processing and pharmaceutical applications.

Filter material can effectively filter fine dust particles on the surface of the filter material, so as to strengthen the pulse cleaning effect, prolong the life of the filter cylinder, and have higher filtration efficiency.

Proprietary synthetic fibers with an average diameter of 0.2 microns ~

Proprietary hybrid synthetic fibers with an average diameter of 12 microns ~

Relative filtration efficiency: The efficiency can reach 99.999%.

Wear resistance: Excellent

Construction: galvanized steel lining and end cover

Temperature: 180F/82℃

Washability: The filter can be cleaned several times, and can be used again after being completely dried. The filtration efficiency of the filter can be slightly reduced after being washed.

How to select dust filter cylinder:

1: filter cylinder selection background

The key component of the filter barrel is the filter barrel, which determines the dust removal efficiency of the filter barrel. Filtration accuracy; Filtration area; Filter wind speed and other performance. In order to meet the different needs of customers in various industries, Liffert has launched a number of filter cylinders (composite wood pulp fiber, polyester fiber filter cylinder; PTFE coated polyester fiber filter material filter cylinder) the three kinds of filter cylinder basically can meet the industrial dust removal of all processes in different industries, to achieve the desired effect of customers. Therefore, customers should choose to meet their own dust removal requirements according to the actual production situation of their own company when buying the filter.

2: filter cylinder filter material selection

Ordinary polyester non-woven fabric: made of polyester fiber materials, filtration accuracy is generally more than 5μm, applicable scope: powder spraying, sand blasting, paint, wood, cement and other industries of filtration.

Coated polyester non-woven fabric: imported PTFE coated polyester filter material, the material is made of filter cylinder long service life, high filtration accuracy, easier to reverse blow ash, up to 1-2 years under general working conditions. Scope of application: welding dust removal, shot peening, pharmaceutical, cement, tobacco, textile industry and other industries of filtration.

Anti-static polyester non-woven fabric: anti-static, that is, anti-static film treatment, is covered on the surface of the filter material with an extremely thin conductive breathable metal aluminum coating, to avoid electrostatic fire jumping, suitable for metal dust filtration, explosion-proof conditions of dust removal.

Oil-proof waterproof polyester non-woven fabric: oil-proof, waterproof and dustproof treatment is to cover a layer of fluorine resin on the filter fiber, so that the filter material has anti-oil and anti-fouling function, dust is not easy to adhere to, reverse blowing ash easier, suitable for wet or oily, dust concentration environment.

3: Installation mode

Single pass, double pass, oval, cone, triangle, etc., the user can choose the appropriate replacement filter cylinder accessories according to the original installation form of the dust filter cylinder.

Application field of combined dust collector cartridge:

Welding, pigments, plastics, electronics, tires, steel plate pretreatment, fly ash, ceramics, refining, rubber, cement, titanium dioxide, warehouse top materials and other dust occasions.


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