Cartridge filter for Gas turbine 2625112-000-440

Cartridge filter for Gas turbine 2625112-000-440

  • SUMMARY: Cartridge filter for Gas turbine 2625112-000-440...

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Cartridge filter for Gas turbine 2625112-000-440

Lefilter air filter cartridge 2625112-000-440 widely used for gas turbine, Cutting Machine, and other industry filtration section. 

Its with oval Cartridge Filter in Ultra-Web, size is 289 x 365 mm outer diameter x 660 mm long for Downflo Oval (DFO) and other brands of cartridge collectors.

Product data sheet: 

outer diameter

289 mm (11.38 inches)
Outer diameter 2365 mm (14.37 inches)
length660 mm (25.98 inches)
Filter media typeUltra-Web
filter area17.9 square meters (192.67 square feet)
the inside diameter of203 mm (7.99 inches)
Inner diameter 2279 mm (10.98 inches)
temperature limit65 degrees Celsius (149 °F)
Lining meshyes
End cap structureopen/open
structurezinc plated
pleat height38 mm (1.50 inches)
Number of pleats365
Flame retardantnone
Comply with food industry requirementsnone
current brandLEFILTER 

Air filter cartridge 2625112

Air filter cartridge 2625112


  • Metallurgical industry

  • Textile industry

  • Centralized air conditioning system

  • Air compressor pre-filtration

  • Electronics industry

  • Oxygen generation station

  • Laser cutting

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Gas Turbine Air Filter Cartridge

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