P181070 Dust Collector Filter cartdrige hepa filter

P181070 Dust Collector Filter cartdrige hepa filter

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The dust removal filter cartridges produced by LEFILTER use high-quality and efficient flame-retardant wood pulp fiber filter materials from the United States, combined with advanced folding technology, to make the filter cartridges have the characteristics of large non combustible filtration area, small pore size, large air permeability, low resistance, and high efficiency; The end cover and inner and outer protective mesh are made of high-quality galvanized sheet, which has good anti-corrosion and rust resistance; The low hardness and high strength closed cell rubber seal ensures the airtightness of the filter cartridge; Adopting super strong adhesive, it will not cause delamination and cracking, ensuring the service life of the filter cartridge and safe use under high loads (under normal operating conditions, the filter cartridge life can reach about 2 years). A spark catcher must be installed in the dust removal system to prevent a large amount of open flames from entering the filtration system.

Filter cartridge, also known as air filter cartridge or dust removal filter element, is used in large systems such as dust removal in power, steel, coal mines, and air filtration. It is used in a complete set, with a batch of dozens to hundreds, and can effectively filter out impurities in the air. The commonly used accuracy is between 5 microns and 20 microns, which is an indispensable part of compressed air systems



Air filter cartridge/dust removal filter element/Filter cartridge


Most of the filter cartridges are used to filter dust-containing gas. We call dust filter cartridge (hereinafter referred to as

the filter cartridge). It is generally composed of sealing ring, end cap, skeleton and folded filter material. The end cap and the filter material are glued together. The material of the sealing ring is generally EPDM rubber. The end cover and the skeleton are generally made of metal. The material is galvanized and stainless steel. The skeleton of the elongated filter cartridge can also be made of plastic. Filter cartridge belonging to the surface of the filter cartridge, which is formed by a mesh filter fiber surface tissues to intercept the gas permeable particulate matter. Common filter cartridge filter material are wood pulp filter paper and polyester fiber nonwoven fabric.

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