Aluminum frame discount activated carbon air filter

Aluminum frame discount activated carbon air filter

  • SUMMARY: 铝框打折活性炭过滤器产品介绍:活性碳板式过滤器是在聚氨脂基材上载负活性碳制成的,其含碳量在60%左右,具有良好的吸附性能,可用于空气净化,去除挥发性有机化合物和空气中......

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Product Details
  1. Environmental protection and energy saving running smoothly

  2. Handle large air volume strong dust removal

  3. The dust removal efficiency is more than 99.9%, fully in line with the regional emission standards

  4. Easy maintenance and replacement operation

  5. Customized quality assurance

  6. Solve the dust removal problem once

  7. More than 10 years of industry experience one-stop service

  8. Good faith big manufacturers have after-sales protection


Aluminum frame discount activated carbon filter product introduction:

Bag filter is mainly used for central air conditioning and centralized air supply system, can be used for intermediate filtration of air conditioning system to protect the next level of the system filter and the system itself, in the place of air purification and cleanliness requirements are not strict, the air treated by the filter can be directly sent to the user. Aluminum frame bag filter adopts high quality synthetic fiber or imported glass fiber as filter material, aluminum alloy profile outer frame, internal spray cold-drawn wire support frame. The filter material used in this filter is a three-layer filter material uniform hot melt bonding. The first layer of coarse fiber filter cotton captures the larger dust in the air, the finer fiber filter paper captures the smaller dust in the air, and the outermost layer of non-woven fabric is a strengthened protective layer. The reasonable three-layer design makes the product have excellent performance, the solid hot melt technology avoids the leakage caused by wind pressure, the insulation network avoids the fitting between the bag and the bag, and the air supply area is more refined, the resistance is reduced, and the dust capacity is reached to the maximum.


Aluminum frame discount activated carbon filter features:

1, capture 1μm of particulate dust and a variety of suspended solids compact structure, strong versatility, easy installation

2, bag filter effective filter area, large dust capacity

3, large air volume, small resistance

4, the frame and support frame can be reused, replacing the filter only needs to replace the filter bag, and it is convenient and fast, greatly reducing the operating cost

5, in line with GB/314295-93 "Air filter"

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