FP-50 plate and frame filter

FP-50 plate and frame filter

  • SUMMARY: FP-50 plate and frame filter Product introduction: FP-50 plate and frame filter is widely used in various industries of air purification systems, as well as air conditioning and process air supply systems with special requirements, to meet the air quality standards required by the system. FP-50 Plate and Frame filter Product features......

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Product Details
  1. Environmental protection and energy saving running smoothly

  2. Handle large air volume strong dust removal

  3. The dust removal efficiency is more than 99.9%, fully in line with the regional emission standards

  4. Easy maintenance and replacement operation

  5. Customized quality assurance

  6. Solve the dust removal problem once

  7. More than 10 years of industry experience one-stop service

  8. Good faith big manufacturers have after-sales protection


FP-50 Plate and Frame filter product introduction:

FP-50 plate and frame Filter Air filter (Air Filter) refers to the air filter device, generally used for clean workshops, clean workshops, laboratories and clean rooms, or for electronic mechanical communication equipment and other dust prevention. There are primary filter, medium filter, high efficiency filter and sub-high efficiency and other models. Various models have different standards and performance. Features: 1. Large effective filtration area, small resistance, large dust capacity, long service life 2. Filter material can be cleaned, repeated use, cost saving. Air filter is to obtain clean air that can meet the standard, general ventilation filter is for different particle size dust particles in the air to capture, adsorption, improve air quality, chemical filter in addition to dust adsorption can also absorb odor, usually used in biopharmaceutical, hospital, airport terminal, living environment and other places. General ventilation filters are more widely used, microelectronics industry, painting industry, food and beverage industry and so on are needed. In other words, the filter is only a means to achieve the goal of cleanliness.


FP-50 plate and frame filter technical parameters:


FP-50 plate and frame filter product composition:


FP-50 Plate and frame filter applications:

Electronics, pharmaceutical, hospital, cosmetics, semiconductor electronics, precision machinery, food and other industries air filter


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