Portable Welding Fume Extractor Filter Cartridge Dust Collec

Portable Welding Fume Extractor Filter Cartridge Dust Collec

  • SUMMARY: Application: Our products are widely used in all kinds of welding ( welding , co2protection welding , MAG welding , carbon arc gouging welding , gaswelding , cutting , special welding , etc . ) polishing , cutting , grinding andother places...

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Product introduction:

Welding fume purifier Welding fume purifier Mobile welding fume purifier is one type of welding fume purifier. It is a mobile high-efficiency purifier designed for various industrial needs. It is an energy-saving and environmentally friendly purifier suitable for local welding fume treatment. , Economical welding smoke purifier, different types of movable arm pipes and exhaust fans can be selected, making it more convenient and flexible to move in different working places. The mobile welding smoke purifier moves flexibly and smoothly, has a high smoke capture rate, is simple to operate, and has low subsequent maintenance costs.

Technical Parameters:

Power (KW): 0.75/1.1/1.5/3/4/5

Rotation speed (r/min): 2840

Flow rate (m³/h): 1900-6000

Wind pressure (Pa): 1720-1580

Noise (<dB): 85

Number of filter elements: 1

Dust cleaning method: manual / automatic (optional)

Suction arm diameter * length (mm): 160*2000

Welding fume purifier structure diagram:

welding fume purifier-6

Performance features:

1. Made of ordinary A3 steel. The main components include galvanized spiral pipes, air inlets (with fire-retardant net inside), settling chamber, flame-retardant filter cartridge, filter element holder, clean room, and air outlet (equipped with noise reduction measures). ), ash-dropping drawer (car), pulse system, high-efficiency fan, etc.

2. The flame-retardant filter cartridge adopts oil-proof and waterproof imported filter elements, which are professionally used for the treatment of welding smoke and have a purification efficiency of more than 99.999% for 0.5 micron particles. At the same time, it has the characteristics of low running resistance and long service life.

3. The equipment has a simple structure, convenient and simple maintenance, and low operating costs;

4. The equipment has low operating resistance, effectively saving energy consumption of the dust removal system.

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