Industrial welding smoke purifier

Industrial welding smoke purifier

  • SUMMARY: Application: Our products are widely used in all kinds of welding ( welding , co2protection welding , MAG welding , carbon arc gouging welding , gaswelding , cutting , special welding , etc . ) polishing , cutting , grinding andother places...

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Industrial welding smoke purifier

Industrial welding smoke purifier Centralized welding smoke dust collector Welding smoke dust collector, welding smoke collection equipment Industrial dry smoke purifier Single-arm mobile welding smoke purifier is one of the welding smoke purifiers, which is designed for various industrial needs A mobile high-efficiency purifier, an energy-saving, environmentally friendly and economical welding smoke purifier suitable for local welding smoke treatment. Different types of movable arm tubes and exhaust fans can be used to make it more convenient to move in different working places. , more flexible. The mobile welding smoke purifier moves flexibly and smoothly, has a high smoke capture rate, is simple to operate, and has low subsequent maintenance costs. The single-arm welding smoke purifier is suitable for the purification of smoke and dust generated in welding, polishing, cutting, grinding and other processes, as well as the recycling of metals and precious materials. It can purify a large number of fine metal particles suspended in the air that are harmful to the human body. It has the characteristics of high purification efficiency, low noise, flexible use, and small footprint. The single-arm welding smoke purifier is a kind of industrial environmental protection equipment. It is usually used in welding places such as soldering and manual arc welding to collect and purify the welding smoke generated to protect the environment and the health of workers.

Industrial welding fume purifier performance characteristics:

1. It is equipped with a dedicated ABB turbine fan and motor, and adopts an anti-overload circuit to prevent the motor from burning out. It has 

high performance and stable working performance.

2. It adopts built-in centralized PLC control mode, with simple structure and easy operation.

3. Pulse backflush automatic dust cleaning: The filter element adopts automatic rotating backflush cleaning to make the surface of the filter 

element more dust-free and clean, which can always ensure that the dust collector has a constant air suction volume; the air compressor part 

is connected by a high-pressure hose, and the bottom High-pressure air intake ensures that the purifier is always in good working condition.

4. The filter cartridge is made of materials with long service life, can absorb dust particles below 0.3μm, and has a good filtering effect on wet 

and sticky dust.

5. Using the universal suction arm that can move 360 degrees freely, the smoke can be sucked out from the place where the smoke occurs, 

which greatly improves the collection rate of smoke and dust and ensures the health of workers.

6. The smoke purifier adopts three protective measures against fire hazards and large particles of slag, so that the purifier has a long service 

life and is reliable.

7. Clean air is evenly guided and dispersed from the direction of the grille-shaped air outlet, thereby reducing noise.

8. It is equipped with special new Korean-style swivel casters with brakes to facilitate the random movement and positioning of the equipment.

9. Photoelectric control on and off, energy saving, cantilever cover with lighting device (optional).

10. The consumables in the purifier have stable performance and are easy to replace.

Industrial welding fume purifier operating performance:

1) Operability: The single-arm welding smoke purifier adopts an integrated control system and can be operated with one button. You only need 

to turn on the button on the main unit of the equipment to use it directly, making it convenient for customers to operate.

2) Make sure all parts are firmly connected before use

3) It should be used on a solid and flat ground to avoid noise caused by shaking of the machine.

4) When using the machine, connect it to the AC380V power supply and do not share the same socket with other electrical appliances.

5) When moving or transporting the machine, do not tilt the machine more than 45 degrees.

6) When using this machine, be sure to keep a space of no less than 50cm-100cm around it.

7) The equipment is simple to operate. Intelligent design has been adopted in the control system panel of the equipment. Aim the vacuum tube 

above the welding point that needs to be purified, turn on the power switch to start working, and turn off the power switch after the operation 

is completed.

8) The connection between the suction hose and the equipment needs to be properly sealed to prevent the hose from being collided and buckled 

by external forces, otherwise the air flow may be affected.

9) There are no wearing parts in the single-arm welding fume purifier, and the filter element in the purification cabin can be used normally after 

regular cleaning and maintenance.

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