Portable Laser Fume Extractor Air-Purifying

Portable Laser Fume Extractor Air-Purifying

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Automatic and efficient dust cleaning LFHY type welding smoke purifier

Product description:

The main components include: universal vacuum arm, high-temperature resistant vacuum hose, vacuum hood (with air volume control valve), 

fire-retardant net, flame-retardant high-efficiency filter element, pulse backflush device, pulse solenoid valve, pressure difference gauge, clean 

room, activated carbon filter, dust drawer combination, flame-retardant sound-absorbing cotton, new Korean casters with brakes, fans, ABB 

motors and electric control boxes, etc. Through the gravity of the fan, the welding smoke exhaust gas is sucked into the air inlet of the equipment

through the universal vacuum hood. There is a flame arrester at the air inlet of the equipment. The sparks are blocked by the flame arrester. 

The smoke gas enters the settling chamber. Using gravity and upward airflow, it is first removed Coarse dust falls directly to the ash hopper, 

and particulate smoke is captured on the outer surface of the filter element. After the clean gas is filtered and purified by the filter element, 

it flows into the clean room from the center of the filter element. The clean air is adsorbed by the activated carbon filter and further purified 

before being discharged through the air outlet to meet the standard. .

Features of mobile welding fume dust collector: 

1. It can be flexibly moved to any position in the factory and is not subject to the constraints of dust-generating points and unstable positions.

2. The equipment is equipped with universal casters to facilitate the positioning and movement of the equipment.

3. Under the rated processing air volume, the smoke removal rate is ≥99.97%, and the clean air discharged after treatment can be directly circulated 

and discharged in the workshop.

4. Using PTFE polyester film-coated filter material, it has high precision, high purification efficiency, low cost of consumables, no need for frequent 

replacement, and is environmentally friendly.

5. The equipment has a built-in automatic pulse cleaning device to maintain constant air suction volume and constant purification capacity of the 

equipment. (can be optional upon request)

6. Using the flexible suction arm, it can hover at any position in the three-dimensional space and reach the dust point in any direction easily and 

flexibly in 360 degrees.

7. Special shock and noise reduction treatment ensures the noise and environmental protection of the equipment.

8. The equipment is simple to operate and easy to clean and maintain.

Scope of application of mobile welding fume dust collector:

It is suitable for workplaces that generate smoke such as arc welding, carbon dioxide shielded welding, MAG welding, carbon arc gouging welding, gas fusion cutting, and special welding.

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