What is PPS filter bag?

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What is PPS filter bag?

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The PPS dust bag is made of PPS needle-punched filter felt, which has the integrity of strength and inherent chemical resistance, and can maintain good filtration performance in harsh environments.

PPS dust bag is mainly used to filter coal-fired boilers. It is used in pulse cleaning dust collectors for dust collection and treatment of fly ash in power plants. Compared with glass fiber filter bags, Flumece filter bags have better performance. The folding resistance and peel strength are significantly improved, and it can bear high filtration load. The filtration speed can reach more than 10m/min and the running resistance is low.

PPS dust bag can greatly improve the surface smoothness of the bag, make dust cleaning easier, and reduce running resistance, so the dust filter bag is not blocked. The filtration efficiency of PPS needle felt can reach 99.9%, and the combination of the two can greatly increase the service life. , especially for environmental effects involving dusty gases with high humidity and high purification requirements.

PPS dust bag mainly depends on the conditions of the chemical fiber itself used to make the dust bag. Under normal flue gas temperature conditions, PPS needle felt only requires dust filter bags to be able to withstand temperatures below 150°C. In these situations, chemical fibers such as polyester, polypropylene, acrylic, and nylon can basically do the job.

The fabric and design of the dust collector bag should strive for filtration and easy dust removal effects. The selection of dust collector bags is very important. It directly affects the dust removal effect of the dust collector. The selection of dust collector bags should be based on the following aspects: gas temperature, humidity and chemical properties, particle size, dust concentration, and filtration wind speed. , dust cleaning methods and other factors.


LEFILTER's new environmentally friendly technology dust collector bag, under the premise of the same dust removal treatment air volume, because the folding dust collector bag increases the filtration area, the dust collector volume is reduced, saving space and equipment manufacturing invest. The dust collector using this kind of filter bag has a high purification and dust removal effect and a good cleaning backwash effect, and is beneficial to extending the service life of the dust collector bag.

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