Application fields of Dust Filter Cartridge


Application fields of Dust Filter Cartridge

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1. Film-coated non-woven air filter cartridge

PTFE is selected as the coating material, and it is made by a special process. It has the characteristics of small pore size, high porosity, good waterproof and oil-proof performance, low friction coefficient, corrosion resistance, and high service temperature.

The solid and smooth surface of the filter material is conducive to dust removal, avoids dust accumulation to form a powder cake, and can resist the possibility of tearing, abrasion and scratching of powder particles.

The filter effect is good, the dust concentration is low, and the emission requirement of ≤10mg is met. The constant membrane filter effect makes the airflow of the dust collector more stable, and improves the utilization rate and purification function of the powder.

2. Non-woven air filter cartridge

The new open pleat design increases the effective filter area for constant, unobstructed airflow across the surface.

The long-fiber polyester filter cartridge has small openings, uniform distribution, low pressure, and good filtration performance.

Compared with the traditional filter material, the filter area is increased by two to three times, and it has incomparable wear resistance. The pulse blowback is easier to clean the dust, and it can be washed repeatedly with water without damaging the filter material and prolonging the service life.

3. Wood pulp fiber paper Dust Filter Cartridge

Paper filter cartridges are mainly used for Self-cleaning dust collector, with low initial resistance, large filtering area, good filtering effect, uniform and beautiful corrugation intervals, and complete filter functions. According to customer requirements, flame-retardant filter paper and flame-retardant anti-static can be selected. filter paper.

Efficiency is F7, F8, F9, color is white, yellow, blue, black.

Both the end cover and the inner and outer protection nets are made of high-quality electrochemical plates, which have high strength and good anti-rust and anti-corrosion properties.

Dust Filter Cartridge are widely used in sand blasting, grinding and derusting, painting, metal smelting, industrial dust, metallurgical casting, cement, steel mills, thermal power, chemical industry, air compression stations and other industries.


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