Rubber processing industry dust collection project


Rubber processing industry dust collection project

LIFEIERTE  CLICK: 0   2023-05-19
  • Project overview

[Project address] Xiangyang, Hubei China

[Project Name] Dust Collection Project of rubber processing industry

[Design scope]  Intelligent automation system, workshop dust collection, recycling and utilization

[Equipment purchase] Filter drum dust collector, electric star unloader, screw conveyor, material level meter, spray, linkage, explosion-proof valve, anti-static polyester cloth filter drum, etc

  • Performance parameter

[Filter dust name] talc dust and carbon black dust

[Filter dust size] ≤500 mesh

[Inlet gas temperature] normal temperature

[Required treatment air volume] 22,200 m³/h

[Required filtering wind speed] 0.7 ~ 0.8m /min

  • Equipment configuration and requirements

Meet the production needs, reduce maintenance costs and easy maintenance, improve the stability and safety of equipment, so that it has a high efficiency of dust collection effect. This project uses Lifelter LFXC-6-3 inclined insert filter barrel dust collector, 18-channel pulse controller, screw conveyor, detachable maintenance platform and dust removal accessories.

The total height of the equipment is not more than 3.6 meters (plant height is 5 meters), and the length is not more than 3.5 meters. The filter barrel is made of antistatic polyester cloth, and the dust concentration of exhaust emission after treatment is less than or equal to 10mg/m³.

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The customer has rich experience in operation management and control. In the early stage of the project, the requirements were high specifications and high standards, and Lifelt truly met the requirements of the customer with professional technical solutions and green concepts.

As a mechanical equipment manufacturer, Lifert has accumulated mature experience in the research and development, production and manufacturing of air dust removal equipment. Liffert is willing to provide you with quality products, comfortable service, let you buy at ease, with ease of mind!

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