Heat and power plant blower front self-cleaning air filter

Heat and power plant blower front self-cleaning air filter

  • SUMMARY: Model:LFZK-2400Filtermedia:airdustMaterial:carbonsteelWorkingpressure:0.4-0.6mpaOperatingtemperature...

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Product Details

Model: LFZK-2400

Filter media: air dust

Material :carbon steel

Working pressure :0.4-0.6mpa

Operating temperature :0-80°C

Form/knot: Vertical

Filtration accuracy: ≥2um

Application: air compressor front, blast furnace blower, gas turbine, diesel engine

Product introductions:

The self-cleaning air filter in front of the blower of the thermal power plant can be cleaned by the pulse back blowing of the system to extend the service life. The filter cartridge of the self-cleaning air filter is in the self-cleaning systemColumn dust removal equipment can be played out of the advantages and quality, but also in the development of application practice, showing good strength, self-cleaning air filter cylinder is indeed a very good choice, can be simple and convenient installation, but also in the positioning and development of the obvious advantages of the role, very practical. The self-cleaning air filter cartridge is very convenient in the installation, the occupation and space area is also very small, in line with the needs of actual production, occupies a small space, and can also have a very good dust removal effect, which is indeed a very good quality. With the high-tech practical design, you can show the strength in the practice of continuous progress and development, the overall application quality of the self-cleaning air filter cartridge has reached a high level, strong adaptability, naturally can play well, but also in the development of the positioning practice, there is a very wide range of adaptive thermal power plants, blast furnace blowers, steel mill air compressor station air filters.

Performance characteristics:

1, filtration process: air through the filter cylinder, due to gravity, inertial diffusion, static electricity, contact retention and other comprehensive effects, dust settlement, accumulation on the filter element, clean air through the Venturite tube and then to the outlet sent out.

2, self-cleaning process: the dust on the air filter element, with a timing or fixed differential pressure, automatically controlled by the microcomputer, in turn, the filter cylinder back blowing, the fallout particles of dust blown into the atmosphere, each time only one group (five) filter cylinder in the self-cleaning process, the interval time is 60 seconds, the other filter is still in the normal filter working state, ZKG runs as usual.

3, electronic control system: self-cleaning air filter control system, using full digital control, it can run for a long time, with stable work, high control accuracy, and can modify the program according to the production situation. All the control loop is completed by a programmable controller, and the command signal output by the computer makes the solenoid valve open and close, so as to open and close the self-cleaning air source to achieve the purpose of self-cleaning the filter.


Technical parameter:

Handling air volume :2400m3/ min

Actual maximum air volume :144000m3/min

Filter size :≥2um

Filtration efficiency :≥99.8% 

Filtration initial resistance :s150Pa

Filtration final resistance :s1500Pa 

Filtration area :≥ 2400m2

Cartridge size :325×100o (h) mm 

cartridge number: ≥120 pieces

Blowback mode: Pulse automatic blowback

Filter mode: Two-stage filter is adopted, and the filter speed of the front primary filter is set to s0.5m/ min

Q: Where is the self-cleaning air filter used?

A: Air compressor front, blast furnace blower, gas turbine, diesel engine, air conditioning supply system, central air conditioning system and other air intake system purification. 

Q: What are the control methods of self-cleaning air filter?

A: Time control, differential pressure control, manual control. 

Q: How to install self-cleaning air filter?

A: Installation is divided into indoor installation and outdoor installation. Ground installation and high-altitude installation (mainly based on the working environment of the site).

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