240,000 air volume self-cleaning air filter

240,000 air volume self-cleaning air filter

  • SUMMARY: After the self-cleaning air filter inhales the air containing dust, it will cause wear and tear of the equipment, and the inhaled dust will scale on the surface of the fan blade, resulting in the dynamic balance of the rotor in the equipment....

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Product Details

Model :LFZK-4000

Filter medium: air

Material: Carbon steel

Working pressure :0.2

Operating temperature :80℃

Form/knot: self-cleaning

Filtration accuracy: 1 micron

Application: Air compressor

Produnct introdunctions:

240000 air self-cleaning air filter is a kind of filter for air filtration, with automatic ash cleaning function, the filter is not only suitable for air compressor pre-filtration, as long as it is a high purification requirements of the working conditions can effectively filter out the production process emissions containing small pollutants.

Performance characteristics:

  1.  this product can be according to user requirements at the bottom of the dust collection box, dust filter, water rinse dust removal method to solve secondary pollution.

  2. the equipment is controlled by the intelligent distributor, there are four self-cleaning methods, namely (1) timing; (2) pressure difference; (3) Manual; (4) Remote.

  3. the equipment can realize the automatic cleaning of the air filter element, so that the equipment can operate as usual, without affecting the normal work of other filter elements.

  4.  It can work normally under the condition of 100% relative humidity.

  5.  the filter area is large, the flow rate is low, the resistance loss is small, and the liquid crystal display resistance loss.

  6.  filter element long service life. Under normal environmental conditions, the replacement cycle of the filter element can reach   12 years of life.

  7.  high degree of automation, the main components of imported parts, can achieve unmanned operation.

  8.  back blowing air consumption is small, generally 0.1 ~ 0.3m3 / min(inhalation state); The pressure is 0.4 ~ 0.6Mpa. 9, the   weight of the equipment is light, is the same capacity of cloth bag 1/3-1/2.

  9.  reasonable design, to achieve no bending design, high-rise modular type, easy to install, fast.

  10.  this product has special requirements, the company can carry out non-standard design and production according to customer requirements, to meet customer needs.

Technical parameter:

Model: LFZK-4000

Air filter star (3/min suction state):4000 

treatment air volume (m3 /h): 240000

Filter area :4000

Number of cartridge :200 

Initial resistance Pa:s150

Power consumption w: 20ow/AC220V 

blowback pressure Mpa: 0.4-0.6

Filter size mm(length width height) :4400*4200*5600

 Q: Where is the self-cleaning air filter used?

A: Air compressor front, blast furnace blower, gas turbine, diesel engine, air conditioning supply system, central air conditioning system and other air intake system purification. 

Q: What are the control methods of self-cleaning air filter?

A: Time control, pressure difference control, manual control 

Q: How to install self-cleaning air filter?

A: Installation is divided into indoor installation and outdoor installation. Ground installation and high-altitude installation (mainly based on the working environment of the site)

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