Nitrogen station 160 self-cleaning air filter

Nitrogen station 160 self-cleaning air filter

  • SUMMARY: dust collector cyclone After the self-cleaning air filter inhales the air containing dust, it will cause the wear of the equipment, and the inhaled dust will scale on the surface of the fan blade, resulting in the dynamic balance of the rotor in the equipment....

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Product Details

Model: LFZK-3200

Filter medium: air dust

Material: Carbon steel

Working pressure :0.4-0.6mpa

Operating temperature :0-80°C

Form/knot: vertical

Filtration accuracy: ≥2um

Application: air compressor front, blast furnace blower, gas turbine, diesel engine

Product introductions:

The 160-cylinder self-cleaning air filter is composed of a filter cylinder, a clean air chamber, a pulse self-cleaning compressed air distribution pipe, an intake protective net, a skirt plate, a steel frame, an electronic control instrument and a PLC.

Under the suction negative pressure of the compressor, the self-cleaning air filter inhales the ambient air, due to the combined effect of gravity, static electricity, contact resistance, inertial diffusion, etc., the dust in the air is deposited on the outer surface of the filter cartridge filter material, when the PLC issues the self-cleaning command, the solenoid valve will instantly open about 0.1~0.2 seconds, sending out a pulse airflow. The dust accumulated on the outer surface of the filter cylinder is blown away by spraying and backblowing. Clean air meets in the clean air chamber and enters the compressor through the outlet pipe.

Performance characteristics:

  1. The core component of the self-cleaning air filter cartridge, the selection of imported filter material;

  2. The filter is designed with intake - grade        coarse filter protection net to protect the filter cartridge;

  3. self-cleaning air filter is computer-controlled mechatronics products, customers as long as the pipeline, through the power of self-cleaning airfilter can work normally

  4. self-cleaning air filter filtration efficiency (weight method) up to 99.99%, filtration accuracy (2um) of 99.99%;

  5. the filter resistance loss is small;

  6. If the filter is abnormally increased in resistance during operation, the self-cleaning air filter will send an alarm signal; 7, self-cleaning air filter self-consumption of compressed air is very small, only 0.1 ~0.4m /min;

  7. self-cleaning air filter power consumption is very small, the power capacity is only 100~5oow;

  8. self-cleaning air filter covers a small area, large self-cleaning air filter can use multi-layer structure;


Technical parameter:

1, processing air volume Nm3/h: 192000

2, filtration area :3200 cubic meters 

3, the number of filter cartridges :160

4, filtration accuracy :2 microns

5, power consumption (W): 200W/AC220V6, blowback (m3 /min): 0.3

7, back blowing pressure (Mpa) : 0.4-0.68, equipment shell steel plate/thickness :3mm/ 4mm

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