self-cleaning air filter LFZK-380

self-cleaning air filter LFZK-380

  • SUMMARY: After the self-cleaning air filter inhales the air containing dust, it will cause the wear of the equipment, and the inhaled dust will scale on the surface of the fan blade, resulting in the dynamic balance of the rotor in the equipment....

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Product Details

Working principle

The air contains a lot of dust, if not filtered and inhaled by the compressor, will increase the wear of components, plug pipes and holes, dust adsorption in the high-speed impeller will produce vibration and other hazards, these will shorten the life of equipment, instruments, causing losses to production, and increase maintenance work for air conditioning if the air contains dust, Not only harmful to human health, but also affect the quality of products. Therefore, the air cleaner is an essential supporting product for various compressors and blower. The self-cleaning air filter uses the suction of the air compressor to pass the natural air through the high-efficiency filter element, and the dust is adsorbed on the high-efficiency filter element due to the gravitational inertia diffusion and contact retention. The self-cleaning air filter is backblown by the computer in the way of timing or pressure difference, and the particles and dust intercepted on the surface of the high-efficiency filter element are blown to the ground to achieve the purpose of self-cleaning.

Product characteristics

· Automatic blowback, blowback mode can be set

· Imported filter material to ensure filtration efficiency

· Module design, suitable for all kinds of traffic

· Intelligent control, the system can be customized according to requirements

Standard configuration

· Secondary filtration

· Siemens control system, LCD display

· Differential pressure display


· Intake air heating

· Stainless steel

· Control mode (brand, functional requirements, communication mode)

· Electrical explosion-proof

· French standard

Standard parameter:

· Initial pressure drop: 100-150Pa

· Filtration accuracy: 1um/96%; 2um/99.8%; 3um/99.9%; 4um/10%

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