Self-cleaning air filter LFZK-640

Self-cleaning air filter LFZK-640

  • SUMMARY: After the self-cleaning air filter inhales the air containing dust, it will cause the wear of the equipment, and the inhaled dust will scale on the surface of the fan blade, resulting in the dynamic balance of the rotor in the equipment....

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Product introduction:

Self-cleaning air filter is an essential method for water treatment, which is used to prevent impurities in water, purify water quality, and protect the normal operation of other equipment in the system.

Working principle :

The clean air chamber outlet of the self-cleaning air filter is connected to the inlet of the air motor, and the treated air is inhaled from the atmosphere through negative pressure. Dust is filtered to prevent it from scraping the air through the cylinder. A large number of small particles scratch the filter material, forming a primary particulate film on the surface.

Membranes are very effective for filtration, while increasing air resistance. When the resistance rises to the upper limit of 600Pa, the differential pressure transmitter sends a resistance signal to the computer in the pulse controller, the computer gives instructions, and the confidence system begins to work. The solenoid valve receives the command. According to the program control, real-time drive real-time chat valve. The chat valve immediately releases compressed air and the nozzle is rectified at a pressure of 600-800 kpa. Internal cylinders prevent the filter from blowing off. From the point of view of the cylinder filter, the filter material is an external powder. Resistance is reduced. When the initial resistance of the filter (about 150 Pa) is reached, the automation system will stop.


The filter element is the replacement filter element, the replacement filter element is the composite fiber, the cylinder is the folding structure of the filter screen, the density is high, the wiping area is large, the quantity is large, and the degree is good. In addition, the elongation is small, the coefficient of convergence is small, the friction resistance is low, the friction accuracy is high, and the service life is long.

The structure of the self-contained filter is characterized by the main shell of the self-contained filter, cleaning parts, electronic box, valve, replacement filter element, reducer, pressure controller and other parts. It is a special structure as the main house. The "transverse diaphragm" is an internal valve that, if there are too many valves, is divided into two lower parts to replace the filter element, reduce the size of the filter element, or install it at the bottom of the reverse washer. You can use it. Cavity.

Technical participants:

Model: LFZK-640

Self-compressed air: 0.45-0.8mpa (g);

The public consumption of air compressors is 0.2 cubic meters per minute.

Power supply voltage, control system 220 v / 50 Hz; 200 watts.


All types of compressed air have special applications in industry, such as piano theory, telecentre, screw and vane air compressors. It makes sense to combine a small capacity machine with a large capacity machine.

1, steel blast furnace;

2, compressor inlet dehydration;

3. Gas turbines and diesel engines of various capacities.

4, synthetic fiber, electronic industrial air conditioning system

5, the central air conditioning system has high air content requirements.

6. Air conditioning systems for the tobacco and paper industries.

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