Centralized welding fume dust collector

Centralized welding fume dust collector

  • SUMMARY: Application: Our products are widely used in all kinds of welding ( welding , co2protection welding , MAG welding , carbon arc gouging welding , gaswelding , cutting , special welding , etc . ) polishing , cutting , grinding andother places...

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Centralized welding fume dust collector


LEFILTER Group produces large-scale industrial welding smoke purifiers, centralized welding smoke dust collectors, welding smoke dust collectors, welding smoke collection equipment, industrial dry smoke purifiers, single-arm mobile welding smoke purifiers, and welding smoke purifiers. One of them is a mobile high-efficiency purifier designed for various industrial needs. It is an energy-saving, environmentally friendly and economical welding smoke purifier suitable for local welding smoke treatment. Different types of movable arm tubes and exhausts can be selected. The fan makes it more convenient and flexible to move to different working locations. The mobile welding smoke purifier moves flexibly and smoothly, has a high smoke capture rate, is simple to operate, and has low subsequent maintenance costs. The single-arm welding smoke purifier is suitable for the purification of smoke and dust generated in welding, polishing, cutting, grinding and other processes, as well as the recycling of metals and precious materials. It can purify a large number of fine metal particles suspended in the air that are harmful to the human body. It has the characteristics of high purification efficiency, low noise, flexible use, and small footprint. The single-arm welding smoke purifier is a kind of industrial environmental protection equipment. It is usually used in welding places such as soldering and manual arc welding to collect and purify the welding smoke generated to protect the environment and the health of workers.

Technical parameters of centralized welding fume dust collector:

Power (KW): 0.75/1.1/1.5/3/4/5

Rotation speed (r/min): 2840

Flow rate (m³/h): 1900-6000

Wind pressure (Pa): 1720-1580

Noise (<dB): 85

Number of filter elements: 1

Dust cleaning method: manual / automatic (optional)

Suction arm diameter * length (mm): 160*2000

Advantages of centralized welding fume dust collector equipment:

1. Suction cover - easy to clean, easy to disassemble, optional colors, showing personality and fashion;

2. Suction arm - hose, built-in stainless steel frame, convenient, simple and fast;

3. Machine shell - cold-rolled plate, electrostatic spraying technology, superior performance;

4. Motor - Siemens, with large air volume, good effect, low noise and sufficient power;

5. Filter - Japanese filter paper, German film coating technology, the filtration effect is super high;

6. Controller - well designed, highly reliable, easy to operate, easy to use and master;

7. Support wheel - made of shock-absorbing material, humanized design with brake, easy to use;

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