Welding fume purifier for grinding workshop

Welding fume purifier for grinding workshop

  • SUMMARY: Application: Our products are widely used in all kinds of welding ( welding , co2protection welding , MAG welding , carbon arc gouging welding , gaswelding , cutting , special welding , etc . ) polishing , cutting , grinding andother places...

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Welding fume purifier for grinding workshop

Welding fume purifier product introduction:

The mobile cartridge dust collector, also known as the welding fume purifier, is a mobile high-efficiency purifier designed for various 

industrial needs. It is an energy-saving, environmentally friendly and economical welding fume purifier suitable for local welding fume 

treatment. Different types of welding fume purifiers are available. The model's movable arm pipe and exhaust fan make it more 

convenient and flexible to move in different working places. The mobile welding smoke purifier moves flexibly and smoothly, has a 

high smoke capture rate, is simple to operate, and has low subsequent maintenance costs.

Welding fume purifier equipment components:

The welding smoke purifier consists of: universal vacuum arm, high temperature resistant vacuum hose, dust hood (can be equipped 

with air volume adjustment valve), fire retardant net, flame retardant high-efficiency filter element (barrel type, pulse backflush device, 

pulse electromagnetic Valve, directional caster with brake, fan, motor, electronic control, machine body.

Application advantages of welding fume purifier equipment:

1. It can be flexibly moved to any position in the factory without being constrained by the fixed dust generation point;

2. The equipment is equipped with universal casters to facilitate the positioning and locking of the equipment;

3. Unparalleled treatment efficiency. Under the rated treatment air volume, the smoke removal rate is ≥99%. The clean air discharged after 

treatment can be directly circulated and discharged in the workshop;

4. Adopt a filter-type purification method and use high-efficiency imported high-precision (PTFE) film-coated filter materials, which have 

high purification efficiency, low consumable costs, and no need for frequent replacement, saving environmental protection;

5. The equipment maintains constant air suction volume and constant purification capacity. (Automatic or manual dust cleaning can be 

selected according to requirements)

6. The specially designed control system of the equipment is safe and stable, and is equipped with high-voltage leakage protection;

7. Using the universal suction arm, it can hover at any position in the three-dimensional space and easily and flexibly reach the dust-generating 

point in any direction at 360 degrees, so that welding workers can work more efficiently;

8. For special working conditions, the corresponding vacuum hood can be selected according to the site;

9. Special shock and noise reduction treatment ensures the noise and environmental protection of the equipment;

10. The equipment is simple to operate and easy to clean and maintain;

11. The pollution source can be processed in a mobile single machine or in a multi-station centralized treatment;

12. It can be developed and customized according to the special requirements of customers;

There are three main aspects to control welding fume:

1. In terms of technology, adopt smoke-free and low-smoke welding processes, develop and use low-dust and low-toxic welding materials, 

and improve the degree of welding mechanization and automation.

2. Take effective ventilation, smoke and purification measures.

3. Personal protection, to prevent the harm of welding smoke to operators and to prevent the smoke from being directly inhaled into the 

human lungs. Welders need to wear masks. In special welding stations or in closed places, they should also wear gas masks. Where the 

workshop is equipped with welding auxiliary devices, you must be aware of self-protection and try to use automated welding processes 

and mechanized devices to complete the welding work to keep operators away from smoke and dust gathering areas.

Scope of application of welding fume purifier:

Application areas: arc welding, CO2 shielded welding, MAG shielded welding, argon arc welding, wave soldering, special welding, gas fusion 

cutting, etc. for treatment of fumes generated when welding carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum and other metals, for manual welding, 

machine Hand welding and robot welding also have good results.

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