Service Life of Baghouse Dust Collector Bags

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Service Life of Baghouse Dust Collector Bags

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Excessively high filtration wind speed of Baghouse dust collector is the main cause of damage to Baghouse dust collector. Some manufacturers blindly control the cost of equipment, in the equipment design intentionally increase the dust removal air speed. Short-term use does not have a more obvious response, but in the long run, the service life is greatly shortened, indirectly increasing the customer's expenditure on maintenance costs, bringing customers an additional economic burden and waste of time.

The selection of Baghouse dust collector depends on the dust removal performance of the dust collector. Whether the dust contains acid, alkali or corrosive substances should be considered. According to the nature of the dust, choose the appropriate filter material so that the filter bag can absorb dust normally without affecting its service life.

The filter bag is selected to adapt to the dust temperature of the filter bag. When the temperature is too high, the selected dust bag will exceed the normal operating temperature, and its service life will be shortened, and in serious cases, it will burn out in a short time. Therefore, when selecting the filter bag, the inlet temperature of the dust collector has been measured and calculated, and the corresponding dust bag has been selected.


Different dust collectors use different materials for dust bags. For example, according to the temperature of dust removal, air box pulse Bag Dust Collector is generally divided into room temperature dust collector and high temperature dust collector, then the bag material used in it is different.

Different operating areas, different dust media and characteristics. The service life of the bag is different. Normal temperature dust bag is generally not acid and alkali resistant dry gas dust, the use of time is generally 1-3 years; high temperature dust bag used in different, the same material due to other differences, the service life is also different, high temperature dust bag in the conditions applicable to its use, the use of the cycle is generally in the 6 months to 2 years or so (within the limits of the dust bag and can withstand the range of working conditions).

Cleaning cycle and maintenance will also affect the service life of the dust bag. Cleaning too often or depositing too much dust will affect the use and life of the bag. Sometimes, workers violate the operation can also reduce the durability.

As you know, the service life of dust bag can't be messed up in a general way, because of the different industries, the dust and soot produced are different, because of the different substances burned and the different proportion of the composition of the substances discharged, so the reasons should be analysed from various aspects.

After the construction and adjustment of the Bag Dust Collector, for normal operation, in addition to the need to set up a special person to manage and maintain. Strictly implement the operation and management system to give full play to the effectiveness of the dust collector. Practice has proved that if the dust collector is not properly managed, even if the good dust collector, but also can not receive the expected results. In the case of Bag Dust Collector, if the management is not good, during the operation can not ensure that the dust removal, dust removal efficiency is greatly reduced, so that the Bag Dust Collector can not achieve the results we want. Therefore, when the Bag Dust Collector is put into production, it is necessary to explain to the operator the important significance of maintenance and management of the dust collector. Only the dust collector maintenance management work well, give full play to the best performance of the equipment.

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