Factors to Consider When Choosing a Baghouse Dust Collector

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Factors to Consider When Choosing a Baghouse Dust Collector

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Bag dust collector is a kind of high-efficient and stable dust removing equipment, applicable to various complex environments, especially suitable for capturing fine dry dust, and the recovered dry dust is easy to be processed and reclaimed for use. It is especially suitable for dusty gas with blasting risk or with sparks.

In the selection of bag dust collector should first consider the following elements:

1, the working environment. Outdoor installation of baghouse dust collector, should consider the corresponding electrical system and the adoption of rainproof methods. Bag duster is located in a corrosive gas or dust environment, or perhaps near the coast or ship, the structure of the dust collector should be carefully selected raw materials and coatings. Bag filter used in cold areas, if the compressed air cleaning or the selection of cylinder-driven switching valve, to avoid compressed air in the water frozen, so as to avoid failure. Together with the adoption of dust collector insulation methods.

2, working pressure. In general, the baghouse dust collector pressure resistance degree in about 5000Pa, elected Roots blower for power, the baghouse dust collector shell pressure resistance degree of 15000 ~ 50000Pa, in a small number of occasions (for example, blast furnace gas purification), the requirements of the pressure degree of 100kPA.

3, dust characteristics. Dust characteristics include particle size distribution, particle shape, density, adhesion, hygroscopicity, electrification and incineration blast. Pile density of fine dust, fibrous dust, hygroscopicity and adhesion of dust and dust and simple electrically charged dust is often difficult to clear, resulting in bag house dust removal power decreased and pressure loss increased, on the purification of flue gas containing this type of dust should be considered to adopt a good clearing effect of the external filter baghouse, and appropriately reduce the filtration air speed. It is important to select the appearance of filtration-based anti-stick, moisture, filter media. With regard to the explosive dust purification, should be adopted.

4, flue gas dust concentration. Flue gas dust concentration on the bag dust collector pressure loss and cleaning cycle, wear and tear of the filter media and box and ash removal equipment, etc. have a greater impact, the concentration is too large should be set up pre-dusting.

5, equipment resistance. A class of bag house has its own resistance range. But the selection may need to be based on fan capacity and other factors for appropriate changes. At this moment should be filtered wind speed, cleaning cycle to make corresponding adjustments.

6, the composition of the gas. In consideration of the body contains flammable, corrosive and toxic gases, grasp the chemical composition of the gas. In general, the bag house dust collector can be selected in accordance with the treatment of air.

On combustible gases, such as CO, when it coexists with oxygen, may constitute a explosive mixture.

If not within the boundary of the blast, can be directly used bag dust collector, but should be selected with high airtight structure, and the adoption of methods and the use of low resistance of the filter media.

If you reach the boundary of the blast should be set before entering the dust collector auxiliary incinerator, to be burned and cooled by the gas before entering the bag dust collector.

On corrosive gases, such as sulfur oxide, chlorine and hydrogen chloride, fluorine and hydrogen fluoride, phosphoric acid gas, etc., according to the variety of corrosive gases need to select the filter media, shell materials and methods.

Bag dust collector is mainly suitable for:

1. Dry powder processing production line, such as powder processing, powder products, etc.

2. Industrial processes with large smoke and dust, such as furnaces and sintering workshops.

3. Printing workshop in pulp and paper printing industry.

4. Areas with a lot of dust such as gypsum boards and cement production lines.

5. Processes that generate ferrochrome dust such as grinding and polishing during mechanical processing.

6. Food processing plants that process powdered food, such as flour mills.

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