What is the principle of Bag Dust Collector?

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What is the principle of Bag Dust Collector?

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The high dust removal efficiency of Bag Dust Collector is inseparable from its dust removal mechanism. Dust gas from the dust collector lower inlet pipe, through the deflector plate into the dust hopper, due to the collision of the deflector plate and the reduction of gas velocity and so on, coarse dust will fall into the dust hopper, the rest of the fine particles of dust with the gas into the filter bag room, due to the inertia of the filter fibers and fabrics, diffusion, barrier, hooks, static electricity and other roles, the dust is blocked inside the filter bag, the purified gas escapes out of the bag, through the exhaust pipe discharge.

The accumulated dust on the filter bag is removed by gas inverse washing method, and the dust removed is discharged to the ash hopper, and discharged to the ash conveying device through the double-layer ash unloading valve. The dust on the filter bag can also be removed by blowing pulse gas flow method, so as to achieve the purpose of dust removal, the dust removed from the ash discharge device.

Bag Dust Collector dust removal efficiency is also high with the filter media, filter performance and quality of good and bad, directly related to the Bag Dust Collector performance and service life of good and bad. Filter material is the main material to make the filter bag, its performance and quality is to promote the progress of Bag Dust Collector technology, affecting its application range and service life.


(1) High dust removal efficiency, generally above 99%, the dust concentration of the dust collector outlet gas is within tens of mg/m3, and it has high grading efficiency for fine dust with submicron particle size.

(2) a wide range of processing air volume, small only 1min several m3, large up to 1min tens of thousands of m3, can be used for industrial kilns, flue gas dust removal, reduce the emission of air pollutants.

(3) Simple structure, easy maintenance and operation.

(4) In order to ensure the same high dust removal efficiency, the cost is lower than the electric precipitator.

(5) When adopting high temperature resistant filter materials such as glass fiber, PTFE, P84, etc., it can operate under high temperature conditions above 200℃.

(6) It is not sensitive to the characteristics of dust and is not affected by dust and resistance.

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