Sand blasting machine dust treatment project case

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Sand blasting machine dust treatment project case

LIFEIERTE  CLICK: 0   2022-10-22

First: Customer introduction and process introduction:

The client comes from a wholly-owned Swiss company in China. It is an automobile industry group company. It has established three light alloy factories in China to produce aluminum-magnesium alloy die castings for the automotive industry and other industries (including escalator industry). Most of the customer's products are from cast molded parts. After casting, surface sandblasting and polishing treatment are required to ensure the surface smoothness, hardness and flatness of the product. Sandblaster dust control is important for the workshop environment and employee occupational health. Vital.


Second: Customer pain points and needs:

1- Most of the customer's products are aluminum castings. During the sandblasting process, a large amount of aluminum dust overflows the scene, which is easy to cause flammable and explosive accidents, and there is a hidden danger to the personal safety of the workshop and employees; 2-The customer's new sandblasting equipment is It can only be put into production after passing the environmental protection acceptance, so in order to meet the environmental protection emission requirements, dust treatment equipment needs to be added;

3- A large amount of dust spill site generated during the sandblasting process will have a great impact on the workshop environment and employee occupational health;

4- The above comprehensive customers urgently need to increase the dust control facilities of the sandblasting machine to help them solve the above problems;

Third: The solution proposed by the LEFILTER:

The main needs of customers through on-site technical communication are: 1- the aluminum dust collection efficiency needs to reach more than 95%, to solve the flammable and explosive safety problems; 2- environmental protection compliance emission requirements; 3- workshop environment improvement and employee occupational health; comprehensive above Lands proposed a complete set of design schemes that use high-efficiency venturi wet dust collectors to effectively solve the problem of flammable and explosive aluminum dust. When aluminum dust meets water and is dissolved and precipitated by water, it isolates the risk of explosion; secondly, the venturi wet dust collector With high efficiency, more than 95% of the dust can be absorbed into the back-end processing equipment through the negative pressure of the pipeline. When the concentration is above 200mg / m3, the filtration efficiency reaches more than 95%, and the net gas reaches the standard emission below 10mg / m3. Workshop problem of dust spillage during work.

Forth: The equipment provided by the LEFILTER:

The equipment provided by the Rievert filter for this design includes:

High-efficiency venturi wet dust collector + piping system + fan power system

Fifth: What kind of purification effect is achieved:

1- The dust collection efficiency during the blasting process is above 95%, the overall environment of the workshop becomes better, and the employees are very satisfied;

2- Solve the existence of the risk of aluminum dust explosion that customers worry about, and provide customers with long-term security;

3- The environmental protection acceptance is passed smoothly, the net gas discharge concentration is within 10mg / m3, and the filtration efficiency of the venturi wet dust collector is above 95%;

Last: Customer satisfaction:

1- The employees' satisfaction with the workshop environment, safety and reliability is 99%;

2- The enterprise successfully passed the acceptance of the environmental protection and safety supervision department;

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