What is Primary Air Filter

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What is Primary Air Filter

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Primary air filter is a very common filter equipment in the industrial field, there are many aspects that we need to pay attention to when we choose and use it:

1. Purpose

Air filtration uses the primary filter as the front-end filter to filter out dust particles above 5μm. It is commonly used in the primary filtration of air-conditioning and ventilation systems, and is also applicable to simple air-conditioning and ventilation systems that require only primary filtration.


The primary filter is made of polyester fiber filtration material, and the fibers with different solubility points inside and outside are interlaced in the space with non-directional three-dimensional structure, and the fibers are tightly bonded, resistant to fracture and not easy to fall off. It has light weight, high strength, corrosion resistance, abrasion resistance and elastic recovery performance. It has the characteristics of low resistance to fluid, fast filtration speed, large dust capacity and long service life.

3. Characteristics

Primary filters are mainly used to filter dust above 5um, and are used in the pre-filtration of air conditioning and ventilation systems to avoid the accumulation of dust and pollution inside the system; at the same time, primary filters are used in the pre-filtration of large-scale air compressors, centralized ventilation and air-conditioning systems of clean rooms and return air filtration to prolong the service life of the back-stage high-efficiency filters; in fact, primary filters are also used in the ventilation systems of industrial factories to meet the general cleanliness requirements for the air.

4. Replacement cycle

The general range of design life is between 6 months and 1 year. Replacement is required beyond the design life. The actual working life is affected by a variety of factors, such as the content of air pollutants, air flow and so on. The working life of a primary filter is standardized by the decrease in filtration efficiency. When the filtration efficiency decreases beyond a certain level, it needs to be replaced.

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