What Are Industrial Air Filters?

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What Are Industrial Air Filters?

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Air quality is a critical factor in several industrial applications. These applications require high quality air to ensure product integrity, minimize contamination, and ultimately maximize product safety.

Manufacturers achieve this high quality air by incorporating air filtration systems into industrial processes. Industrial air purification removes solid particles and molecular contaminants from industrial processes to improve air quality in the system or environment.

Industrial air filtration systems typically include a sturdy frame encasing the filter media, tightly sealed to eliminate contaminant leakage between the frame and the media. These purifiers are designed to improve air quality and create a healthier environment for workers and equipment.

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They typically use a combination of filters, such as a HEPA (High Efficiency Particulate Air) filter and an activated carbon filter, to remove dust, particles, and gases from the air. Some industrial air cleaners may also include additional features, such as UV purification or electrostatic dust removal, to enhance their effectiveness.

By removing airborne contaminants, industrial air purifiers can help reduce the risk of respiratory illnesses, allergies and other health problems for workers. They can also help prevent equipment and product damage by removing potentially damaging particles and debris.

Industrial air filter filter cartridges are mainly made of fiber, non-woven, fiberglass and so on. The outer frame can be divided into: paper frame, aluminum frame, galvanized frame and stainless steel frame according to the actual demand.

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Primary air filters are able to filter dust particles larger than 5μm, and are mainly used in workshops with low air quality requirements or as a pre-filter for medium and high efficiency filters to protect the medium and high efficiency filters and improve their service life.

Medium-effect air filter filtration efficiency f6-f9, to meet the needs of many factories and workshops, the current medium-effect air filters are mainly bag filters, bag filters can increase the number of bags according to demand, improve the filtration area, increase the amount of dust.

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Hepa high-efficiency air filters are widely used in the air conditioning end air supply of dust-free purification workshops in the industries of optical electronics, LCD manufacturing, biomedicine, precision instruments, beverage and foodstuff, PCB printing, etc. The filter material is generally ultra-fine glass fiber, with a filtration efficiency of 99.9~99.999%, which is the most effective filtration medium for smoke, dust and fine electrons and other pollutants.

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