What are the different types of industrial dust collection systems?

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What are the different types of industrial dust collection systems?

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Industrial dust collector equipment is a device that separates industrial dust from flue gas, also called industrial dust collector. The performance of the dust collector is expressed by the amount of gas that can be treated, the resistance loss when the gas passes through the dust collector and the dust removal efficiency. At the same time, the price, operation and maintenance cost, service life and the difficulty of operation and management are also important factors to consider its performance.

Classification and characteristics of industrial dust collectors

1, gravity dust collector

Based on the principle that dust particles can settle in the air by their own gravity, the larger particles in the dust can be separated from the air.

2. Cyclone separator

Let the dusty gas enter along the tangential direction to separate the dust particles from the gas, thus achieving the purpose of dust removal.


3. Bag filter

A device that makes dusty gas pass through a fabric filter to collect dust. Suitable for catching non-fibrous dust.

Design steps of dust collector system in modern industrial workshop;

1. Layout of Dust-producing Workshop

When the workshop is arranged, it should be considered to reduce the degree of dust diffusion and influence, and it should be arranged on the windward side of the minimum frequency wind direction in the factory; When arranging process equipment, the dust-producing equipment should be arranged in a centralized way as far as possible to reduce the dust diffusion area, so as to facilitate centralized consideration of dust control and dust removal measures.

2. Optimize the production process and reduce the dust production.

The raw materials crushed on site should be avoided, and wet operation should be selected as far as possible; Adopt equipment that is not easy to raise dust, such as closed conveying equipment, pneumatic conveying system, closed powder bin, tank car, etc. Shorten the transportation distance and reduce the leakage point of powder transportation.

3. Dust suppression treatment of powder

Especially the powder that needs to be further crushed, loaded and transported, dust suppression treatment should be carried out on the powder. Commonly used methods include spraying water on materials to promote dust adhesion; Adopt mechanical equipment to press the ball and granulate; Spray dust suppression; According to the engineering characteristics, wetting agent dust reduction, foam dust reduction, charged spray dust reduction and electrostatic dust control can also be selected.

4. Dust collector and ventilation system design points

The design of dust removal and ventilation system mainly includes hood, air duct, dust collector, fan and so on.

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