Troubleshooting and Maintenance of Self-Cleaning Air Filters

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Troubleshooting and Maintenance of Self-Cleaning Air Filters

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Self-cleaning air filters in long-term use will produce dust, the chimney occurs intermittent dust, many people think it is a small problem, do not deal with continue to run, that the problem can not be used to stop the repair of the timing of the solution together, but the piston rod due to dust and inflexible, serious fan impeller dust vibration amplitude increases, affecting the normal operation of the self-cleaning air filters. 

Self-cleaning air filter in the working process, while carefully observing the air outlet chimney, while carefully observing is the first few dust removal room for dust removal work. If there is a broken bag in a certain bag chamber or there is a trachoma in the flower plate, the chimney ash will be reduced or even no ash before its pulse, and the degree of smoke from the lifting cover plate will increase significantly after the pulse ash cleaning, so as to determine which bag chamber has the problem of damaged filter bag or loose welding of the flower plate. 

Self-cleaning air filter LFZK-640

When judging that one of the vacuum chambers of the clean air filter has a broken bag or loose welding of the flower plate, please be careful not to open the inspection port immediately to deal with it. It is very important to manually close the lifting cover of that dust suction chamber first, and to unplug the lifting cylinder controlling the lifting of that chamber and the pulse valve controlling the pulse of that chamber, to prevent the lifting valve and the pulse valve from working automatically and causing damage to the operating personnel in the process of treatment.


After completing the above work, you can open the observation door of the dust chamber to confirm the number and location of broken bags or splash plate welding problems - there is usually dust accumulation around the mouth of the broken bag, and in severe cases, the filter bag is full of dust. Remove the damaged filter bag for replacement, if there is no new filter bag or damaged filter bag is not easy to remove, you can first plug the damaged filter bag mouth with a cloth, and then take advantage of the downtime opportunity to replace, for the flower plate weld grit, you can temporarily use the method of applying sealant to deal with. 

8800m3/min self-cleaning air filter

Generally speaking, bag wear, bag burning, loose sealing of the bag mouth, poor welding of the flower plate, etc., will lead to self-cleaning air filter chimney ash situation, manifested as impulse cleaning ash, not clearing ash when everything is normal. But according to the above method, the ash phenomenon can be well solved.

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