What Is a Blower Filter?

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What Is a Blower Filter?

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A blower filter is an air filtration system that uses a fan to draw in air and pass it through a filter that removes impurities and contaminants from the air.

Gas turbines, air compressors, blowers and other aerodynamic equipment will cause wear and tear of the equipment after inhaling air containing dust. The inhaled dust will scale on the surface of the blades of the blower, resulting in an imbalance in the dynamic balance of the rotor in the equipment, a decrease in precision, and a significant reduction in the working life of the equipment, and the harmful chemical components in the dust will cause the equipment to rust and corrode. Therefore, the air power equipment must be equipped with high-precision air filters to ensure that the internal air power equipment will never wear and tear due to dust, and that the blades will not be obviously scaled for many years.

Blower filters require periodic cleaning. If the filter is severely clogged, the blower will run at increased power, affecting the voltage and current to the motor. If the motor is severely clogged, the motor can easily burn out. Therefore, we should clean the blower filters regularly.

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Blower supporting self-cleaning air filter product features:

1、According to the user's requirements, we can add dust collection box and dust net at the bottom of the self-cleaning air filter, and solve the secondary pollution by rinsing and dust removal method with water.

2、This equipment is controlled by intelligent distributor, and there are three self-cleaning methods, namely, (1) timing; (2) differential pressure; (3) manual.

3、This equipment can realize the automatic cleaning of air filtration elements, so that the equipment runs as usual without affecting the normal work of other filtration elements.

4、It can work normally under the condition of 100% relative humidity.

5、Large filtering area, low flow rate, small resistance loss, and liquid crystal display resistance loss.

6、Long service life of filter element. Under general environmental conditions, the replacement cycle of filter element can reach about 2 years.

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7, high degree of automation, the main components are imported, unmanned operation can be realized.

8, blowing back less gas consumption, generally 0.1 ~ 0.3m3 / min (inhalation state); pressure of 0.4 ~ 0.6Mpa.

9, equipment weight is light, is the same capacity of the bag type 1/3-1/2.

10, reasonable design, realize no bend design, high-level building block type combination type, easy and quick installation.

11、With special requirements for this product, the company can carry out non-standard design according to customer requirements to meet customer needs.

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