Introduction & application of Air Filter Cartridge

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Introduction & application of Air Filter Cartridge

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The Air Filter Cartridge is made of a certain length of filter material folded into pleats and bonded end to end. The filter cartridge has no cage and is easy to install. It can be used in Cartridge Dust Collectorself-cleaning air filters and other equipment. There are many types of filter cartridges, filter materials and end caps. Common filter materials include ordinary polyester non-woven fabrics, coated polyester non-woven fabrics, anti-static, wood pulp fiber filter paper, etc. The end caps are divided into three lugs, six lugs, round, square, triangular and so on according to the structure.

Dust Filter Cartridge can be widely used in sand blasting and shot blasting, grinding and rust removal, painting and painting, welding fume, industrial dust collector, cement, steel plant thermal power, aluminum plant, metallurgical casting, battery, chemical industry, electrostatic industry and other working conditions.

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