8800m3/min self-cleaning air filter

8800m3/min self-cleaning air filter

  • SUMMARY: After the self-cleaning air filter inhales the air containing dust, it will cause wear and tear of the equipment, and the inhaled dust will scale on the surface of the fan blade, resulting in the dynamic balance of the rotor in the equipment....

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Product Details

Model: LFZK-8800

Filter media: air dust

material: Carbon steel

Working pressure :0.4-0.6mpa

Operating temperature :10-80° C

Form/knot: Vertical

Filtration accuracy: ≥2um

Application: air compressor front, blast furnace blower, gas turbine, diesel engine

Product introductions:

8800m3/min self-cleaning air filter can be added at the bottom of the dust collection box, dust filter, water rinse dust removal method to solve secondary pollution according to user requirements. The self-cleaning air filter is controlled by the intelligent distributor, and there are three self-cleaning methods, namely timing, pressure difference and manual. The equipment can realize the automatic cleaning of the air filter element, so that the equipment can operate as usual, without affecting the normal work of other filter elements. Chemical fiber textile industry air conditioning air supply front self-cleaning air filter has large filtering area, low flow rate, small resistance loss, and liquid crystal display resistance loss. Long service life of filter element. Under general environmental conditions, the replacement cycle of the filter element can reach about ⒉ years. High degree of automation, the main components of imported parts, can achieve unmanned operation. The air consumption is small, generally 0.1 ~ 0.3m3/min(inhalation state); The pressure is 0.4 ~ 0.6Mpa. The equipment is heavy and light, and it is 1/3-1/2 of the same capacity of the cloth bag. Reasonable design, no bending design, high-rise block type combined type, easy to install, fast. This product has special requirements, the company can carry out non-standard design according to customer requirements to meet customer needs.

The air inlet self-cleaning air crossing lake is provided with protective steel mesh, secondary fiber filter cotton and filter cartridge. Most of the coarse and medium dust particles in the air flow precipitate to the dust collector drawer under the action of gravity and inertia, the fine dust is attached to the surface of the filter cartridge, and the clean air passes through the clean room in parallel and enters the power equipment. After the dust-containing waste gas enters the inlet of the dust collector, due to the sudden expansion of the air flow section and the action of the air flow distribution plate, the wind speed drops sharply, and some coarse particles in the air flow collide with each other under the action of wind power and inertia force, and naturally settle to the bottom ash hopper. The particle size and small density dust particles are deposited on the outer surface of the filter cartridge and intercepted through the combined effect of diffusion and screening, and the clean gas penetrates the inner wall of the filter material and enters the clean room and is extracted by the exhaust pipe through the fan. The resistance of the filter cartridge increases with the increase of the thickness of the dust accumulation layer on the surface of the filter material. The injection control mode can be divided into pressure difference control, time sequence control and manual control.

Performance characteristics:

1, filtration process: the air through the filter cylinder, due to gravity, inertial diffusion, static electricity, contact retention and other comprehensive effects, dust settlement, accumulation on the filter element, clean air through the Ventura tube and then to the outlet sent out.

2, self-cleaning process: the dust on the air filter element, with timing or fixed differential pressure, automatically controlled by the microcomputer, in turn, the filter cylinder back blowing, the fallout particles of dust blown into the atmosphere, each time only one group (five) filter cylinder in the self-cleaning process, the interval time is 60 seconds, the other filter is still in the normal filter working state, ZKG runs as usual.

3, electronic control system: self-cleaning air filter control system, using full digital control, it can run for a long time, with stable work, high control accuracy, and can modify the program according to the production situation. All the control loop is completed by a programmable controller, and the command signal output by the computer makes the solenoid valve open and close, so as to open and close the self-cleaning air source to achieve the purpose of self-cleaning the filter

Technical parameter:

Handling air volume: 8800m3 / min

Actual maximum air volume :10000m 3/min 

Filter size :≥2um

Filtration efficiency :≥99.8%

 Filtration initial resistance :s150Pa

 Filtration final resistance :s1500Pa 

filtration area :≥ 18000m2

Cartridge Size :325x100o (h) mm 

cartridge Number: ≥420 pieces

Blowback mode: Pulse automatic blowback

Filter mode: Two-stage filter is used, and the filter speed of the front primary filter is set to ≤0.5m/min

Q: Where is the self-cleaning air filter used?

A: Air compressor front, blast furnace blower, gas turbine, diesel engine, air conditioning supply system, central air conditioning system and other air intake system purification. 

Q: What are the control methods of self-cleaning air filter?

A: Time control, differential pressure control, manual control. 

Q: How to install self-cleaning air filter?

A: Installation is divided into indoor installation and outdoor installation. Ground installation and high-altitude installation (mainly based on the working environment of the site).



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