Debugging method of self-cleaning air filter dust collector

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Debugging method of self-cleaning air filter dust collector

LIFEIERTE  CLICK: 0   2022-10-25

A large number of product field applications have proved that this self-cleaning air filter dust collector has high reliability and excellent performance-price ratio. This kind of self-cleaning air filter dust collector has been widely used in the world, and has been widely promoted in China. It is widely used in cement, mining, machinery, power, chemical, metallurgy, steel and other industries.




1. Stand-alone debugging, after the installation of the self-cleaning air filter dust collector is completed, debug all kinds of valves and equipment, such as the warehouse wall vibration motor, ash discharge valve, buried scraper conveyor, etc., manually first, then electric , All mechanical parts should be free of looseness and seizure, easy and flexible, and good sealing. Run for another 8 hours without load.


2. PLC program control instrument carries out simulated no-load test, firstly check whether pulse valve, silo wall vibration motor (or air blocking gun), unloading valve, smoothness of conveyor line and opening and closing of valve are normal, and then control according to timing , Start the PLC automatic control program to clean the whole process of each room, the timing should be accurate, the movement of each component should be correct, and the controlled valve should be opened and closed as required.


3. Linkage debugging: the whole dust removal system is started and the linkage fan is debugged under the system fan operating conditions, and repeat the operation in Article 2.


4. Real-load operation: the process equipment is officially in operation, the self-cleaning air filter cartridge dust collector is officially in operation to filter and remove dust, and the PLC program controller is also officially put into operation (generally 5 to 10 minutes in advance), and every moving part and valve is checked at any time. Record the operating parameters. If it is controlled according to the timing, when the resistance of the pulse bag filter in the smelter reaches the specified resistance value (such as 1500 ~ 1800Pa), manually open the PLC program to clean the filter bag, and stop after the cleaning of each room, and then statistics When the resistance reaches the specified value again, the PLC program controller is manually turned on to clean the filter bag, and this cycle is repeated many times. After obtaining the stable interval time for the secondary cleaning cycle, the time data can be used as the base for the "timing" control of the program controller and input into the program controller. After that, the programmable controller can automatically "time control" and be officially put into operation.

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