1A3139-2319 bag filter introduction

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1A3139-2319 bag filter introduction

LIFEIERTE  CLICK: 0   2023-09-04

1A3139-2319 Bag Filter Introduction:

Xinxiang Lifeierte Filter Corp.,Ltd produces glass fiber needle-punched felt dust collector bag, which adopts non-woven needle-punched technology to make use of interlaced arrangement of fibers and fine fiber cloth with uniform gap distribution. It is produced by polyester staple fiber and polyester twisted yarn. The surface of the needle-punched felt is post-treated by hot rolling, singeing or coating to make the surface smooth and not easily blocked by dust. This filter bag has a large void ratio, good air permeability, extremely versatile use, and strong chemical resistance. , not only can filter normal temperature gas, but also can filter corrosive gas containing acid and alkali, and can filter water and oil. It is an ideal filter material for normal temperature conditions, liquid-solid separation and other fields.

1A3139-2319 Bag Filter Specification:

Flat Width495 mm (19.49 inch)
Length1256 mm (49.45 inch)
Media TypePolyester
Filter Area1.25 m² (13.45 ft²)
Temperature Limit135 °C (275 F)
Fabric Weight320 g/m² (9 oz/yd²)
Width495 mm (19.49 inch)
Top ConstructionFelt Cuff
Bottom ConstructionFlat Sewn
Wear CuffYes
Food CompliantYes
Current BrandLEFILTER
Former BrandLEFILTER

1A3139-2319 Bag Filter Picture:

bag filter

bag filter

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