Cleanroom air purification system configuration

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Cleanroom air purification system configuration

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Performance characteristics of aluminum frame high efficiency filter without partition:

1. The filtration efficiency of particles ≥0.3μm is above 99.9995%

2. The computer-controlled automatic folding machine system is used for plastic spray folding, and the folding height range can be adjusted steplessly between 22 and 96mm

3. Special ultra-fine glass fiber filter paper as filter material

4. Each filter is strictly tested

5. Adopt international standard size specifications

6. Type F is knife-edge type, used for liquid tank sealing

7. Mainly used in electronic and pharmaceutical industries, clean rooms, laminar flow equipment and other occasions requiring ultra-high cleanliness

The high efficiency filter without separator is the most common filter variety in clean engineering. In most projects, the high efficiency filter with separator has replaced the traditional filter with separator. With high-quality filter materials, strict quality management, clean production environment, and many years of manufacturing experience, Xinqi high efficiency filters without separators can meet the high-grade requirements of clean engineering.

Air purification system configuration of dust-free workshop:

The dust-free workshop system is equipped with a three-stage air purification system, equipped with coarse, medium and high-efficiency filters to control the amount of dust particles in the clean area. Since the end filter HEPA device HEPA filter determines the operation effect of the entire purification system, the installation of the clean room is very important for the replacement time of the HEPA filter. In the decoration of the purification workshop, whether it is a large air volume and high efficiency air filter installed at the rear end of the cleaning refrigeration unit or a high efficiency air filter installed at the high-efficiency air outlet, this must have accurate operation time records and cleanliness levels and discharge Air volume is used as a basis for disassembly and replacement. Under normal application conditions, the use period of the high-efficiency filter can be about 1 year. If the service life of the high-efficiency filter protected by the front end can reach more than two years, of course, it also depends on the quality of the high-efficiency filter data, such as the high-efficiency air filter installed in the purification equipment, such as the high-efficiency filter in the automatic air shower room If the front end is well protected, the service life can reach more than three years.

The requirements of the air purification system configuration of the dust-free workshop on the decoration of the workshop:

1. The wall and interior decoration of the building envelope of the industrial purification workshop should use materials with good air tightness and small deformation under the influence of temperature and humidity changes. Purify the walls of the workshop and


The binding surface should be smooth, smooth and free of cracks, tight seams and no defects.


2. Enclosure walls and interior decoration of industrial purification workshops should be selected with good air tightness and less deformation under the effect of temperature and humidity changes.


3. The wall and ceiling surfaces of the purification workshop should be smooth, smooth and free of cracks, tight interfaces, no particle shedding, and resistant to cleaning and acid. Walls, floors and ceilings


The joints of the boards should be curved, and the jumping boards should not be higher than the wall surface. When using light materials to melt and break, anti-collision measures should be taken.


4. The floor of the purification workshop should be good in integrity, smooth, wear-resistant, impact-resistant, hard to accumulate static electricity, easy to remove dust and clean. The ground cushion should be strengthened, and the damp area should be treated with moisture.


5. When the mezzanine is a light-weight ceiling, set up a maintenance channel. The standard for the decoration of the inner surface of clean air ducts and return air trenches should be applicable to the entire return air system and easy to remove dust.

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